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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

LMI Help for Dislocated Workers

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Whether a job seeker is looking for a new job by choice, or because the business he or she is working for is closing or down sizing, that job seeker needs information to make a good career choice.

"What's next?" Workers need to know:

All the information a job seeker needs can be found on the LaborMarketInfo Website! LMI Help for Dislocated Workers - Where to Get It, How to Present It was written to assist workforce development professionals quickly pull together customized information for plant closures and layoff situations. The same information is just as helpful for other job seekers.

The guide includes methods to identify suitable career change options, as well as templates that local workforce development staff can adapt to present occupational information to their clients. See " LMI Help for Dislocated Workers" for more information.