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Steps to the Best Career for You!
How do you find the right career for you? Step–by–step...
STEP 1 - Self-Assessment
What are your interests - what you like and don't like?What are your skills?

STEP 2 - Make Money Choices
How much money do you need to make to maintain your lifestyle? Can you afford the new Mustang or need to get a used car?

STEP 3 - Explore your Career Options
California Occupational Guides  

California Occupational Guides - Now with Local Information - Job description and requirements, job outlook, benefits and wages, licensing, education, training, links to possible employers, how to find a job, and links to additional resources.
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STEP 4 - Get Ready for the Job
Now that you know your career goal what do you need to get the job?  Do you need Training or an Apprenticeship?  License?  Résumé Tips?

STEP 5 - Find the Job
See the Job Search Tools on the right.

Salaries and Benefits
Before you ask for a raise or negotiate with a new employer on your salary, learn about wages paid in your area... Trends in Wages: As of January 1, 2008, the minimum wage in California is $8.00 per hour.

An Education is Important

Education Pays
Everyone tells you to stay in school. But did you know – your education makes a difference on how much money you can make?

Math at work: Using numbers on the job
How does math factor into careers? More than you might think!

Bloggers and webcomic artists: Careers in online creativity
Who are the digital media workers and what are their challenges?

Other Online Career Resources

Unemployment Self-Service Resources

Career Trends in the News
These links are provided as informational only. EDD is not responsible for the content. (updated on 4-7-2014)

Job Search Tools
IMPORTANT NOTE: California Unemployment Insurance claimants must go to CalJOBSSM to create a resume that can be seen by employers.

Résumé Tools
Your résumé is an employer’s first impression of you! Make it the best with tips from: IMPORTANT NOTE:  California Unemployment Insurance claimants must go to CalJOBSSM to create a résumé that can be seen by employers.

For the Career Professional

Between Employees and Employers

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