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Industries are groupings of businesses based on their principal product or activity. We provide data on the employment, the number and size of businesses, and other characteristics by industry.

What Information is Available by Industry?
Employment by Industry:
  • Industry Employment Official Estimates Industry employment for California, metropolitan areas, and counties from the Current Employment Statistics Program. The most current monthly and annual average data. Historical data to 1990.
  • Agricultural Employment "California Agricultural Bulletin" and detailed employment and earnings data.
  • Employment Projections Ten-year projections of employment by industry for California, metropolitan areas, and small-county regions. Also called Employment Outlook.
  • Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) The most detailed industry employment data available, however, there is a six-month lag in data availability. Also includes number of businesses and total payroll by industry. Released quarterly.
  • California Regional Economies Employment Series (CREE) Provides non-confidential annual employment and wage data from the QCEW in a consistent format in Excel files for each county in the State. These data are used in the analysis of "industry clusters."
Industry Trends: Employers by Industry:

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Industry Classification
The data provided in Labor Market Info use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to classify industries.

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